Do you write book summaries?

There are two major ways to truly soak in the knowledge present in good books viz.

  1. Write book summaries
  2. Discuss/teach it with/to someone who can comprehend

Finding someone who’s really interested in the same topic, share the same mental wavelength, have the intellectual prowess to comprehend/question/add their own independent thinking to the discussion is not always possible.

Thankfully, you don’t need another person to write book summaries. And even if you find someone to discuss, book summaries are so powerful that you can’t possibly not write them.

Here’s the process I follow:

a. Whenever I pick a new book/ebook/audio book, I create a new note with the book name under my ‘Book Summaries’ notebook on Evernote.

b. After completing each chapter, I keep the book aside and summarize the key concept(s) from my memory into short easily digestible sentences. I make sure the wording is completely mine while reproducing only great quotes/sentences, if any.

c. Read next chapter. Repeat.

“Don’t complete bad books” and “Always write book summaries” are the two most powerful hacks anyone seeking to gain knowledge from books should follow.

Voracious book summary writer > Voracious reader.

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