9 stories to read this weekend

I consume a lot of news on a daily basis. Most of them revolve around technology, startups, the Internet and entrepreneurship. I make it a point to share the best reads on Twitter. Why keep the knowledge to yourself, right? To take this motive (of spreading insightful news) a step forward, I did a little […]

You can buy a BMW, but can never buy class

I was on my bike riding back home, the summer heat of Pune burning my fingers, as the hot breeze pass through the narrow opening of the helmet. Although it was hot, I had my jacket on; home is not far. Green….Orange…..RED. Just missed the green traffic signal at the East Avenue – North Main […]

Start a business, not a startup

“Start a business, not a startup” “Ah, the startup. It’s a special breed of company that gets a lot of attention (especially in the tech world).The startup is a magical place. It’s a place where expenses are someone else’s problem. It’s a place where that pesky thing called revenue s never is issue. It’s a […]

Why don’t you leave office at 6PM?

Before I quit my job, I worked for two software companies for 4.5 years and I followed one rule throughout: reach and leave office on time.Six ‘o clock and shut the lid of my laptop, pack my backs, pick my helmet and stroll away gently as most of my colleagues look at me in awe. […]

How to enable Gzip on Amazon Elastic Beanstalk with Tomcat and Apache

Follow these steps to enable gzip on Amazon EBS Step 1:  Create a top-level directory named .ebextensionsin your source bundle.  And create two files in it as shown below. The contents of enable_mod_deflate.conf # mod_deflate configuration<IfModule mod_deflate.c># Restrict compression to these MIME typesAddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE text/plainAddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE text/htmlAddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE application/xhtml+xmlAddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE text/xmlAddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE application/xmlAddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE application/xml+rssAddOutputFilterByType […]

Why did a cancer patient travel 260km all alone to meet my dad?

The 7 hour long bus journey of a cancer patient On Wednesday, 2nd Feb, 2011, a cancer stricken patient got on a State Transport bus from Guwahati to start a 7 hour long journey to reach Numaligarh, a small town near Golaghat, Assam. After reaching Numaligarh, he walked for 20 min, under the sun, to […]