Communication is not a soft skill

Every successful _________ in the world is good at communication.

You may fill up the blank with any job title, position, career choice, occupation and still the statement will stand.

Because to be successful at something, one not only needs a canvas to draw their ideas on, they also need to sell it. By selling, I don’t mean the usual exchange of money against goods/services.

A piece of art won’t gather an audience by itself. It needs a story.
A new reform bill won’t pass by itself. It needs persuasion.
A LinkedIn profile won’t get you a job by itself. It needs an interview.

At school, anything related to art (including communication skills, or the art of rhetoric) is surprisingly tagged under ‘soft skills’. And that has always irked me.

Communication is not a soft-skill.

It’s a mandatory life-skill for success.

Cover photo by Headway 

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