Money, popularity and success. How do they fit together in an equation?

Our shared belief is that success in life is a subjective concept. And the definition varies from person to person. But can we break the concept down to its most basic constituents?

Here’s my attempt:

In my world-view,
A truly successful person has freedom.

This freedom manifests itself in three different ways:

  1. The freedom to positively impact others. (after taking care of oneself)
  2. The freedom to pursue dreams.
  3. And financial freedom.

From Bill Gates to my mother, I could fit in every successful individual in this definition.

In my above definition, dreams can be passion, chosen field of work, hobby, specialization, and other pursuits. Anything that is meaningful to you and leads to a more fulfilled life.

So where does popularity and money fit into the picture?

Popularity and Money are two of the many optional by-products of being successful. Optional because say, parents successfully raising their kids won’t usually be popular. But they are successful nevertheless. (they chose to positively impact their kids)

The more people you touch, the more popular you would be. E.g. artists/actors, politicians, social workers, philanthropists, influencers etc.

Similarly, money is also an optional by-product. It comes from financial freedom. Optional because you still can be successful (and wealthy) without a lot of money. A wealthy person has enough to sustain her current (or planned) lifestyle. It might not need a lot of money.

That’s my definition.

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Cover photo by Xan Griffin

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