A simple trick that produces surprisingly creative solutions

If you are trying to find solutions to a problem in your life, you may consider adding the below approach to your strategy (among other methods):

Ask ‘What if the reverse happened’. And try to answer it.


The problem is:
You want to test drive a car, but due to (insert your unique situation) you’re unable to visit the car showroom.

Applying the reverse approach:
Instead of you visiting the car showroom for a test drive, what is the dealership sends someone to your home with the car?

Instead of me going to the grocery store, what if the store delivers to my place? Say hi to grocery delivery apps.
Instead of me waiting under the sun for a taxi, what if the cab comes to me? Say hi to Uber.
Instead of me writing this blog, what if the blog wrote itself? Say hi to GPT-3.😅

Well, we’re getting ahead of ourselves, but you get the drift.

Cover Photo by Timothy Perry 

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