If you get $1 million dollars today, will you retire?

Two months ago, I started an experiment on Instagram.

I wanted to check if my friends (and followers on Instagram) would engage with deeper questions on life. My assumption was that most people love to have these discussions around deep philosophical inquiries. Hence, one Friday I decided to test it. Branded it as #TGIF (Tonmoy Goswami’s Interesting Fridays) because hey, let’s be real…who would want to pass an opportunity to create an acronym. 😉

What started as an experiment 8 weeks ago has turned into a weekly regular now.

The first question of #TGIF was:

People who answered ‘no’ believed that we live to produce our best work, which in turn helps the world get better.

People who answered ‘yes’ unsurprisingly were actually changing their definition of work, instead of retiring in its traditional definition.

So almost nobody said they are going to cease work and do nothing. They might continue the same field of work, or change it in some drastic way. (say, from tech to farming)

The answers led me to an insightful conclusion. (that incidentally matches with my world-view)

Irrespective of financial freedom, you won’t retire if you enjoy doing the work.

Because money is always an optional by-product.

Cover photo by Sharon McCutcheon

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