How to think like an entrepreneur #2: When to DIY & when to delegate?

In the first part of the ‘Think like an entrepreneur’ mini-series, we learned to think of pain-points rather than ideas.

In entrepreneurship, much like life, we shouldn’t try to do everything ourselves. You might think that it’s cheaper to DIY, but we’re losing time (which is costly) trying to do something that can be done better & quicker by an expert.

Obviously, if you’re the expert yourself, by all means do it yourself. But let’s be real, we all have our limitations.

There’s opportunity cost too. You could very well be doing something that can give you higher ROI (return on investment), rather than saving 50 bucks by spending hours to learn it & then doing a crappy job.

We are in the gig economy and we should take full advantage of it.

Need a logo? Crowdsource it.
Need a website? Get a freelancer to do it.
Need a marketing campaign? Get a part-time growth-hacker to run it.
Need a video setup? Rent it.
Delegate. Delegate. Delegate.

Now that you’ve delegated most of the auxiliary stuff, focus on your core competency. You need not delegate that because you can do it better than 90% of people out there.

It might be tempting to fix the leaking sink by yourself, but if you want to think like an entrepreneur, call a plumber. It’s not worth your time.

Cover photo by Roselyn Tirado

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