What person will you be in 5 years?

Someone wiser than I once said that the person you will become in five years depends on two things viz.
a. the books you read
b. the people you spend time with

We can actually summarize it by saying: it depends on one thing: the Company you keep.

Company (Capitalized to distinguish from the usual word ‘company’) can be books you read, people around you, movies you watch, blogs you read, social media (or specifically the kind of accounts on social media) you consume and so on.

It’s a powerful mantra to lead a meaningful and fulfilling life.

One may wonder how to choose good Company! Is there a criteria? How do I know if I’m currently spending time with great/good/bad/toxic Company?

In my opinion, there’s a clear yardstick. And it’s embedded in one of my favourite quotes of all time.

Great minds discuss ideas.
Average minds discuss events.
Small minds discuss people.

~Eleanor Roosevelt

If you can keep a minimum ratio of say, 70:20:10 then I feel you have a positive force in your life.

But if you notice that most Company you keep are busy gossiping, busy discussing events/news, then you may choose to consciously make an effort to tilt the ratio by including forces of good so that you are net-positive.

So, what person will you be in 5 years?

Cover photo by Danielle MacInnes

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