How to create value?

One fundamental tenet of life is that you cannot extract value without creating it first.

E.g. nobody’s going to pay you if you don’t offer something of value in return.

It applies in every sphere of life.

If your presence, your advice, your thoughts, your blogs, your tweets, your Instagram stories, your Facebook posts, your emails, your products, your services, your work, your job doesn’t create any value for someone, then you can’t expect to extract value in return.

Most people often overlook this simple fact & expect rewards without creating. Makes it easy to understand why the concentration of wealth is in the hands of just a few. A few get it, but still don’t create.

Only few actually create.

Why? Because it’s hard to create unless it feels like play to you.
And what feels like play? Being yourself & doing things that come naturally to you.

What comes naturally to you, makes it easy for you, creates value, and makes you unique.

Cover photo by Andrik Langfield

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