How to wake up at 5AM everyday

After my last post on super productivity, a few people were curious about waking up at 5 in the morning. The common question was, “How to wake up early?” Well, there aren’t any tricks per se, but a few things from my own experience/reading might help you fine-tune your biological clock, get you motivated & […]

My experiments on how to be super productive

Lately, I’ve realized that I have read a lot of material on two topics viz. a. How to stop procrastinatingb. How to be productive And I was wondering if it would make sense to share my progress with the world so that I get more inputs & suggestions from people who’re trying something similar. So […]

Dear Sahil Baghla (founder @Bluegape), Please Don’t Poach My Teammates. I’m Afraid.

Here’s the summary of this article 1. Bluegape blatantly copies content word-by-word from Storypick & other publishers/competitors. 2.  Bluegape then makes random calls to Storypick team members to poach them. Offered random jobs and salaries on unsolicited calls. 3. Bluegape founder, Sahil Baghla whines when being called out. 4. So here’s a fact/evidence based article […]

What can Lord Ganesh teach us?

Image courtesy: Vinay Bavdekar on Flickr Staying in Pune, Maharashtra, I don’t need a Hindu calendar to know the date for Ganesh Chaturthi. The drum rolls and the festive mood tell me that today is the day.  I was born on Ganesh Chaturthi. (Now my birthday rarely coincides) Although, I’m an atheist, I find deep […]

Can a smartphone save your life?

In an earlier post, I wondered about a wearable security/safety device that can be triggered at times of personal danger esp. in cases of molestation, rape, risk to life, burglary, robbery etc.Now that Samsung has launched Galaxy Gear smart-watch, which basically is the first crude version of a wearable device that lets you interact with […]

Getting started with Freelancing? Here’s the Ultimate Cheat Sheet

INTRODUCTION At the outset, let me clarify that I’m not a freelancer. Then why did I write this post? Who is this post intended for? Well, this post is a result of an experiment I successfully pulled off recently. (More on that shortly) And this post is intended for anyone who’s struggling to get started […]

8 stories to read this weekend

Give the Perfect Elevator Pitch How to use the Hedgehog Concept to compete with massive competitors “Tim Cook doesn’t send you a hand-written note after you buy a laptop. He can’t. But you can.” Daniel Kahneman: The riddle of experience vs. memory “The problem is not the problem; the problem is your attitude about the […]

6 stories to read this weekend

15 TED Talks That Will Change Your Life How Startup Valuation Works Chrome 27, Firefox 22, IE10, And Opera Next, Benchmarked – and the winner is…. “Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow”. -Ralph Waldo Emerson How do I install and use cURL on a Windows […]

The idiot-box is getting smarter

Apple TV interface (source: Apple) Lately, I’ve been following the advent of the Smart TV phenomenon. At first glance, connected TVs (with or without a net-top box) do seem like the future of home entertainment where you can stream your own content, subscribe to original series instead of the whole channel, watch movies on demand […]