Can a smartphone save your life?

In an earlier post, I wondered about a wearable security/safety device that can be triggered at times of personal danger esp. in cases of molestation, rape, risk to life, burglary, robbery etc.
Now that Samsung has launched Galaxy Gear smart-watch, which basically is the first crude version of a wearable device that lets you interact with your phone without pulling it out of your purse or pocket, my thoughts are on a roll again. Coz that’s exactly what is needed in times of sudden danger: something that can quickly help us raise an SOS.

The idea

So here’s the refined idea: an app for the Galaxy Gear that will do the following –
  1. Quick trigger: There should be some quick actionable trigger on the watch. E.g. a huge icon that can be tapped in case of emergency. To prevent accidental tapping, we can make it ‘swipe and tap’ or something similar.
  2. Actions: The following parallel actions can take place
    • Notification to SOS contacts: SMS & call (to family, friends & police), update on social media.
    • Notification to nearby volunteers: Every app owner can volunteer to help out if someone needs help. Since traditional help (in terms of police etc) won’t be able to make to the scene of crime quickly to prevent the crime, a band of networked volunteers nearby (on getting the alert) can raise an alarm, assemble a mob and rush to the spot for help.
    • Video recording: Galaxy Gear has a small camera attached to its band. Immediately, audio-visual recording should start. In the background, data service should be activated & compressed videos (in bursts of say 5, 10 seconds) should be uploaded directly to any connected cloud storage. E.g. Dropbox, Google Drive etc.
    • Alarm: Maybe a high pitched sound/alarm can be triggered to ring from the phone. I’m not sure if it’ll act as a deterrent or provoke the attackers further. Possible feature.

Samsung has not released the Galaxy Gear SDK yet. I’m planning to build a minimum viable version 1 once it is out.
What do you think? Please share your concerns, ideas & features to include.

Cover photo by Adrien

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